Woodland shows off beauty of area

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 2, 2010

While stopping at the Woodland Cemetery to view the grave of a longtime friend, I noticed how pretty the cemetery is.

It has beautiful trees and flowers blooming and the monuments were being decorated.

I had asked the superintendent and his wife to correct two monument settings of our family. I noticed they had finished my request and it was a very pleasing sight that had been corrected. I had not wanted the monuments to be covered with grass. Yes, they were improved by being set upon concrete supports.

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This means our superintendent and his wife, along with the workers, are doing a very good job with making our cemetery one of the prettiest in Ohio. We thank them for the good job they have been doing.

The monuments that were improved were of a local lady and a very special service man. He was the 1st Lt. Robert Burns, who was in World War II and involved in the space program.

He was killed in the American Samoa Islands during a Navy air show and was brought back to Lawrence County, where he was born to be laid to rest.

The Lawrence County Historical Walk is scheduled for September and this is something to look forward to and plan to attend.

Since the walk was started several years ago, it has grown in number and beauty.

More and more people, some from out of town, come each year to take part in the walk. It is something the society is proud to present for the public. It takes many to work hard to make this a success.

The cemetery is full of stories of our military men belonging to many families. We have noticed the military section is being enlarged. This is a very good project. Again thanks to those who keep Woodland Cemetery beautiful.

May 23 at the Paramount Arts Center will be shown the film, “The Very Worst Thing.” The is a documentary of a Floyd County school bus accident into the Big Sandy River that cost the lives of many children and the driver.

This is the 50th anniversary of the accident. Tickets can be purchased at the theater.

May 15 is when the Spring Tea takes place at the museum. Tickets are going fast. If you plan to attend, call Virginia Bryant at 532-3514.

Remember to come by the museum at Sixth and Adams streets to see photos taken of the attack on Pearl Harbor.

The photos came from film found in an old Brownie camera. These may be the only actual pictures of the attack taken by a resident.