Firefighters again answer call of duty

Published 2:07 am Wednesday, May 5, 2010

As the rain continued to fall over the weekend, pooling quickly and creating hazardous conditions, most Lawrence Countians huddled inside their homes and hoped to stay dry.

But not dozens of firefighters from across the region.

These men and women — many of whom are actually volunteers — braved the weather and dangerous conditions for the most worthy of causes: Saving lives.

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Firefighters from several departments were out in force Sunday and Monday, helping people escape high water.

The details of each rescue varied but the common thread was that these firefighters risked their own lives to help the citizens and communities which they serve.

Departments that responded to water rescue calls Sunday night or Monday morning included Chesapeake/Union, Proctorville, Windsor Township, Upper Township, Coal Grove, Perry Township, Burlington-Fayette, South Point, Decatur Township, Elizabeth Township, Aid Township and the Disaster Immediate Response Team from Cabell County, W.Va.

It is likely that other departments performed heroically as well during these heavy rains and dangerous times.

Natural disasters always serve to remind us of Mother Nature’s power.

We should all be thankful that these firefighters were out doing their jobs.