Group has downtown ‘In Bloom’

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 9, 2010

Eight-year-old Georgia Slagel took home a Mother’s Day gift from her Saturday shopping expedition: A hanging basket full of red and white flowers.

“We were worried we weren’t going to find something for her mother for Mother’s Day,” Georgia’s dad, Rob Slagel, explained. “We were coming across the bridge and saw the plant sale.”

Ah, and the basket of flowers was just the ticket.

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In addition to the Mother’s Day shoppers, the annual Ironton In Bloom plant sale brought out people looking for a little beauty for their own yards as well as those who see a good thing in the IIB’s efforts to improve the city and want to be a part of it by purchasing a zinnia or some petunias.

“Some people want to have the same plants as the ones in our pots,” IIB President Carol Allen explained. “And this is one way we can provide an opportunity for people to be a part of Ironton In Bloom.”

While the plant sale didn’t officially start until 10 a.m., several browsers showed up early. The sale collected more than $500 from them.

IIB member Viviane Khounlavong-Vallance said the sale usually brings in approximately $1,000.

Along with the sale, IIB volunteers spent several hours Saturday hanging baskets of flowers from lamp posts downtown.