Landslide closes road to Lake Vesuvius beach

Published 10:08 am Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PEDRO — Heavy rains are being blamed for a landslide in the Wayne National Forest Lake Vesuvius Recreation Area causing the closure of the beach access road. The road has become unsafe due to a 150-foot landslide that’s eroded the foundation underneath the road.

The beach remains open but visitors can park at the Longbow Archery Trail or the boat launch and walk 1.5 miles to the beach area. Boaters can still access from Lake Vesuvius.

“This landslide hit exactly where last year’s July windstorm caused a blowdown on the beach road”, says Ironton District Ranger Tim Slone. The slide is located 100-feet from the east end of the beach and is also blocking the Lakeshore Hiking Trail. “We’ve already re-located the Lakeshore Trail around the slide. Unfortunately the public will not be able to drive to the beach until the slip is fixed.”

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Wayne National Forest officials have requested emergency funds and hope the repairs can begin this summer.

Other public facilities including the Iron Ridge campground, Lake Vesuvius boardwalk, boat launch, archery trail, picnic areas, and walking trails are open for the season.

“We realize the strong connection between the community and Lake Vesuvius. We’re working very hard to maintain and upgrade our facilities.”

A major renovation is underway in the Oak Hill campground, closing the campground area through the 2010 camping season. According to Slone, “It’s hard to shut popular facilities down, but this renovation was overdue.” The new campground will have larger campsites, more accessible sites, and new shower facilities.

Up-to-date boating and hiking information is available at the District office at 534-6500. On weekends, information is available at the Vesuvius Boat and Hiking Center.