Ironton has potential but we must realize it

Published 9:58 am Thursday, May 13, 2010

What is Ironton? A city? A small town? A place to live?

These days you could say any of those, but in the past Ironton has been a center of industrialization and a broad stop for the railroads.

In the past 50 years all of Ironton has plummeted. Ironton got its name from all the steel and iron that was once produced here, but now all we have are run-down buildings and carcases of what they once were.

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In Ironton, all we are composed of is hardware stores, churches, and bars. There is no big company, any production or even a place with a good wage to work here.

We have let our town fall into the crevices of the country and become a run-down city. The only tradition still holding on is our football team.

And after high school that gives no reason to stay around here.

We need to pick up some kind of factory, some kind of company, just to bring our town to life. We are letting it die, even though we have seen in the past that Ironton, the city we live in, does have potential.

We are now in the process of redoing the Ro-Na Theater, which once was a big part of the city. It gave entertainment and jobs.

It was a recreation area for all ages. So, while we are doing this to help out the city, I think we all should come together, to make Ironton a place to be.

Dallas Gumbert