Lawrence County Historical Museum library offers interesting reads

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 16, 2010

As you may know, there is a library at the top of the stairway at the Lawrence County Historical Museum.

There is a comfortable reading place so you can be seated and enjoy the information that you read.

We recently received the issue of “Bridges.” In this copy there is an article named “Cars Community” featuring the Fannin family.

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They have had a dealership for many years in Ashland, Ky. Now with their store they have a car museum, 1950s style diner, and a wide variety of vehicles. They recently had a 2010 Gala at the Fannin Automotive showroom in Ashland, Ky.

This is interesting reading and it will interest us to go to the museum. The magazine is here for your enjoyment about “Fannin Motors.”

Now that the Spring Tea is over and was very successful, we must go on to the next exhibit.

It will be Antique Appraisal Fair, which will be May 29. We will have three appraisers there.

If you don’t know where to go on vacation and it needs to be short, “Over the Back Fence” magazine is also at your disposal in our library.

You will find a Community Calendar that goes through June. It includes music, recreation, sports, theater/dance, historical fundraisers, antiques, arts and fairs/festivals.

These activities are close enough to allow a short vacation and you do not need to go from home too far. On the back page you will find “Then and Now” which features “The Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade” and it is of interest to see the past. This article was written by Catherine Burcham and pictures are included.

While attending Vera Billing’s funeral, I remembered how she worked at the museum for the society. She brought the porch swing and thought she would surprise us.

We still have it and it is very nice. Also, we remember how she sold pecans for her church at our museum.

We have many good memories of her and are very glad to have known her.

The class of 1950 at Ironton High School is planning iys 60th anniversary in October. If you know of any of the class members, please get in touch with them, especially those out of town.

Historical fact: March 7, 1898 there were 1,442 burials in Woodland Cemetery, with 1,194 original and 249 removals from elsewhere.

Today there are approximately 28,000 are there (information of present is given by Woodland Cemetery).

Naomi Deer, Trustee LCHS