Ironton sewer rehabilitation project continues this week

Published 11:01 am Tuesday, May 18, 2010

While the efforts to rehabilitate Ironton’s sewer system continue this week, workers have had fewer issues with speeding vehicles and drivers who ignore signs, said Doug Cade of E.L. Robinson Engineering.

“There’s not as much,” Cade said. “I think people are becoming more aware that ‘road closed’ means road closed and they need to find an alternative route.”

In past weeks, a few drivers had been cited for driving on streets that were closed because of the sewer-lining project, he said.

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Contractors will be doing manhole cover replacement as well as sewer cleaning and lining at various locations in the city this week.

The Ironton Sewer Rehabilitation work schedule for the week is as follows:

Manhole Cover Replacement

North Ironton between Ellison Street and Center Street.

Sewer Cleaning

Third Street alley

Railroad Street

Sewer Lining

Echo Drive

Ora Richey Road

Railroad Street

Shawnee Trail

State Route 141

Wilson Road

Woodlawn Drive

Jefferson Street between Sixth Street and

Eighth Street

Madison Street between Ninth Street and 10th Street

Mulberry Street at Ninth Street

Quincy Street Ninth Street and 10th Street

Spruce Street between Fifth Street and Seventh Street

Walnut Street between Seventh Street and Eighth Street

Fourth Street alley between Mulberry Street and Pine Street

Fifth Street alley between Mulberry Street and Pine Street

Seventh Street alley between Mulberry Street and Pine Street

Eighth Street between Walnut Street and Pine Street.