Stop signs don’t improve neighborhoods

Published 10:29 am Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I was driving down Fourth Street near the Nazarene Church and, lo and behold, the city put in another three-way stop sign!

We have potholes in the streets big enough to roast a pig over, but evidently the city would rather spend money on erecting another couple of stop signs instead of filling the potholes.

I guess the mayor thinks that stop signs slow people down and make the streets safer, but the reality is it makes the neighborhoods where the stops are located noisier and no more safe.

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The vast majority of cars don’t stop at the intersections now, so why add more? Better yet, why not get rid of some of the unnecessary three-way stops that seem to be everywhere?

The city could save money by taking the signs down and de-activating the flashing caution lights. The ones just before the former school zones are no longer needed so get rid of them.

The way to make the streets safer is by enforcing existing laws, not by putting up more stop signs.

Jim Hannon