Factory jobs far outweigh any emission concerns

Published 10:08 am Thursday, May 20, 2010

I get so disgusted when people write letters about a little emissions from plants. That is what is wrong with our Tri-State today.

Everybody griped about the dirt and the smell from Solvay, the cement dust from the cement plant, the smell from Barrett’s and the noise from Dayton Malleable until they went out of business.

Now there are gripes about Armco/AK Steel about a little dirt.

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For your information, my husband retired from Armco after working there for 46 years.

It made us a good living. I now have a son and a grandson working there with other mothers who have boys and girls making a good living.

You all keep up making a fuss, and if it goes out of the Tri-State, we will be in a world of hurt, especially those of us who are trying to make it on retirement from Armco/AK Steel.

Maybe you have plenty of money, but some of us are not that fortunate. Get out your broom and start sweeping.

Everybody gripes about the work but no one says anything about the people who can’t find work.

By the way, some of you can use all the water you want and pay one price with nothing attached.

I pay my water bill with other things attached.

Evidently some people do not care for others, but I do!

Nora J. Smith