Could it be that I am getting older?

Published 10:05 am Friday, May 21, 2010

It almost make me laugh when I hear people say oh I just can’t wait till I get to those Golden Years.

Well as one who is approaching them at a quick rate of speed I can tell you that I am not sure that I am ready for the next step known as the Golden Years!

I am finding out why these bodies were never meant to live forever in their current status. In the last few years I have been to the doctor more than I went probably the 25 years before all total.

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I have had heart cath – and X-rays and other testing that I thought was only for people who were older than me. At this current time I am dealing with low back — middle back and upper back pain — who would have ever thought that this could happen to me?

I found out last November that I need not one but two knee replacements and on top of all of that my hair is thinning at a high rate of speed and it is turning almost white – what Golden Years. Then I find that I have asthma on top of that.

You say “Wow you are complaining a lot”. But I am really not. I just never thought I was old enough for all of this to happen.

Currently I am in PT for my knees and facing X-rays for my L spine! Could it be that I am getting older? I would say more than likely I am!

But I am also finding out that appetite changes are occurring, and I am going to bed earlier so I can get a running start for the next day. Laying all of this aside I am finding out that not only are there a few setbacks but I am enjoying one of the greatest times in my Christian walk!

I am realizing that Heaven will be a reality for me sooner or later and all of this will be behind. I am enjoying the grandpa thing with a bunch of grand kids who look at me with laughter — sometimes it is because I intentionally try to make them laugh and at this stage I don’t really care who is watching. Then sometimes they just laugh because they just choose to laugh at me or with me. Another joy about getting older is: I can look at how folks are raising their kids today and say things like “we never allowed ours to do that.” Truth of the matter though we may have been stricter in some ways we were more tolerant than our parents were.

Though the Golden Years in my opinion are not as bright as what I was led to believe it is still a wonderful journey.

I am finding that God still has Grace to keep me in the season of life that I am in and His mercy still endures forever.

Though I am getting older there is no doubt I can tell you that the journey truly does get sweeter each passing day. God cannot fail.

He is God and there is none like Him. I watched my mom who recently passed away after a long battle with Alzheimer and realized that she never forgot the most important thing in life. When she could do it she would help my sister or someone else sing “Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so…. ”

You see when it all comes down to where the journey ends all that really matters is — what you know about whom you know.

Could it be that I am getting older? Yeah but that’s okay because the older I am getting the more I am learning that it’s the little things in life that matter. Not that you get up and feel completely rested of the morning. But that you were able to get up at all. It is not about what you live in — it is about who makes life worth the living.

Is God still good in the journey heading into the golden years? He sure is and I recommend Him totally. So if you see me and I can’t remember your name just smile at me and say the poor old thang he must be getting old! If I have a puzzled look on my face make sure that I remember my own name before you walk away.

But if you mention His name don’t be surprised at all if I grin from ear to ear and just thank Him for what He has done. Could it be that I am getting older? Well of course, there is no doubt but when this life is over I will leave it all behind with a shout.

How did I get to this place you may ask. So please read carefully what I say. My sin was pointed out by the Law of God’s word — but once it was uncovered, His grace sought to redeem me from the path that I had trod and, His mercy each day is made new by the shedding of His blood.

My sin not in part but the whole was nailed to His cross and I bear it no more. Praise the Lord – praise the Lord it is well with my soul!

Bryan Chaffins is pastor at Pleasant Street Church