Early Childhood Center holds annual graduation for preschoolers

Published 9:53 am Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SOUTH POINT — Most preschool children do not fully understand the meaning of words like “graduation”, “commencement” and “diploma” so preschool graduation is as much about adults as it is about children.

A total of 52 preschool students graduated from the Lawrence County Early Childhood Center on the evening of May 20th. Forty-seven will enter a regular kindergarten classroom in the fall, while three students will enroll at the Rock Hill multiple disabilities classroom and two students will enter the Open Door School

This annual year-end event was planned to not only recognize the accomplishments of children but to also recognize the achievements of family members and the school staff who have encouraged and guided these children as they began the long journey toward a high school diploma.

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The Early Childhood Center’s Blue Room — a room very similar to a gymnasium — was decorated with information and fun trivia about each classroom and its respective students.

Children posted their favorite memories and things they learned from the ECC, as well as they mentioned what they want to be when they grow up.

Many of these “graduates” faced unique challenges when they entered preschool, yet 90 percent of them will enter a regular kindergarten classroom in the fall. They have learned shapes, numbers, colors, classification, why some objects float and others sink, the names of zoo animals and farm animals, and how to recognize and write their own name.

They have learned the magic of music and to appreciate books and reading. Most importantly, these young children and their families have learned to love and value learning.

The ECC is one of the programs under the Lawrence County Board of DD, which serves more than 500 children and adults with developmental disabilities from throughout the county.

Services include Service and Support Administration, early intervention for infants and toddlers (ages birth to three,) preschool services (ages 3-5,) the Open Door School (for students with multiple handicaps ages 6-21,) and employment, job training and other services for adults with developmental disabilities through a collaborative arrangement with Tri-State Industries, Inc., a private, non-profit corporation.