We need jobs but also good corporate citizens

Published 10:14 am Thursday, May 27, 2010

This is in response to the lady from Ironton who gets so disgusted when people like me write a letter regarding the dirty emissions from factories and railcars, that damage our personal property like our homes and cars.

She made a comment that since residents of South Point pay a flat rate for water, we should deal with the dirt and get our brooms out and start sweeping.

I wonder if she wouldn’t mind if people tossed their trash in her yard on a daily basis, since she pays a flat rate for garbage pickup, she could simply get out her rake and clean it up.

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I don’t think she’d appreciate that too much.

Ma’am, do you feel it’s that difficult for the factory and railroad to clean things up?

You implied I don’t care about others, yet you do. However, the message you delivered seemed to care about your retirement and the jobs of your family members, not about others.

I’m not advocating the closing of factories, simply that they should be good corporate citizens. Is that too much to ask?

Timothy Kincaid

South Point