Immigration solution is clear with common sense

Published 10:55 am Friday, May 28, 2010

When President Barack Obama was elected, his promise was to fix the immigration policy within his first year.

Well, it is going well into his second year with nothing being done. Arizona told him and the country that they needed help with the immigration policy, but the government failed to act.

When the governor finally signed the bill into law, there was a great cry from the Democrats and Obama, but they have just sat on their rears and done nothing.

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Let’s look at the federal law that is now on the books. Federal law already requires permanent residents to carry ID cards. When stopped by the police they ask for identification, which we all carry.

Now look at the law that Arizona has passed and modified to stop profiling. The Democrats are not even reading the bill, just condemning it as a very bad law. That is their favorite past time: Blame someone else.

Now let’s look at what the American people think about the Arizona bill as compiled by the polls. Gallup shows 51 percent in favor with 39 percent opposed. The Rasmussen poll shows 60 percent favor it and the poll in Arizona (which includes many Mexicans who were polled) showed 70 percent were in favor of it.

America has always had a policy of accepting people who come to this country legally which is the law of the land. To make it political and try to get votes isn’t the American way.

Now let’s just look at Mexico’s draconian policy of government.

They can deny or explicitly prevent immigration if it would upset the balance of the nation.

It would seem that we are to take their criminals, who have caused Arizona’s population to explode with the illegals and driven up their crime, welfare, health care, education and so on.

As the Constitution plainly says they are welcome to come the right way but to sneak across the border shouldn’t be allowed.

Some companies say they need the workers to harvest crops. They are given green cards to work but this isn’t the rights to have all the perks that are afforded to the Americans.

Look at it this way. Ohio has so much money to spend on Medicaid. The state next door say, Kentucky, doesn’t have that much. If those residents decided to move to Ohio and get on Medicaid, how long would the Ohio people put up with this?

It is the same thing in Arizona. We should close the border and send the crooks back to Mexico instead of keeping them.

Homer Campbell