Memorial Day reserved to honor heroes

Published 12:00 am Sunday, May 30, 2010

If you strip away the cookouts and the floats and the marching bands and the fire trucks, at the heart of Monday’s celebration is the recognition of our heroes, our soldiers and our veterans.

Memorial Day is about recognizing those individuals and paying our respect to those who have served our country — and still serve our country — making untold sacrifices for our freedoms.

Without these brave men and women, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate this holiday at all and wouldn’t be on the verge of recognizing with the 142nd Ironton-Lawrence County Memorial Day Parade.

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Thousands of people will line the streets of Ironton Monday. Thousands more will enjoy the time off work, the time away from school and time with their families.

Nothing is wrong with the other celebrations and all those can honor our soldiers too because their efforts have made this possible.

But we must never forget the sacrifices made to allow us this time.

Memorial Day must always be about celebrating our heroes and our soldiers.

We each have a responsibility to instill in the youth of today and the leaders of tomorrow the importance of this holiday and what it truly means.

So happy Memorial Day to all those who have served, are serving or will serve the greatest country in the world.

We appreciate all that you do and will never forget what you have given us.