Residents should be proud of recreation staff

Published 12:09 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Recently I was given a small buckeye tree at a tree symposium in Athens. I decided to plant it at the small Edna Kopaz Park on McGovney Street near my home.

When I arrived at the park with my shovel and tree, I found two city Park and Recreation Department workers there, one of whom I found out later was Brett Thomas, director of the department.

Looking like something the cat might drag in: a senior citizen in my oldest gardening clothes, I was surprised when the two men, with extreme courtesy, approached me and offered to help me plant the tree.

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They allowed me to choose the spot, then proceeded to do all the work, following my directions.

Mr. Thomas assured me that they would watch out for it when they were there maintaining the park.

As we talked, I was struck by this director’s enthusiasm for his job, how proud he was of his department’s accomplishments since he was given the position a few years ago, and his hopes for the future.

He spoke of several things he is doing to make that hope a reality such as the writing and receiving of grants and soliciting for funds for playground equipment for the city’s parks.

As I left, I noticed what a thorough job of mowing and trimming the two men had done.

I left there with my tree expertly planted, and a good feeling that if these two young men are indicative of the generation that is now taking on the running of our city, we will be in good hands!

Judy Sanders