Local pharmacy still serving the community

Published 10:40 am Thursday, June 3, 2010

COAL GROVE — Coming up on a four-year anniversary, the Coal Grove Pharmacy is thriving as an independently owned business.

It has separated itself from the pack of big chain pharmacies by giving the community of Coal Grove something that customers can’t get anywhere else.

“The friendliness, the people, the quickness,” said customer Chrystal Harrison on why she shops at Coal Gove Pharmacy.

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The local pharmacy has served the community of Coal Grove since Aug 1, 2006. Owner and pharmacist Jason Plummer says his pharmacy gives personalized care.

“We know people’s names,” said Plummer. “We create relationships and friendships.”

Plummer said he has been a pharmacist since 1999 and has worked at several big chain pharmacies.

During a time when so many small businesses seem to fail, the Coal Gove Pharmacy hasn’t had to change the way it operates. Plummer said he has stuck to his business model.

“If it’s good in good times, it’ll be good in bad times,” he said.

Another way Plummer said that the pharmacy serves the community is shorter waits.

“We don’t like our customers to wait,” he said.

Looking to the future, Plummer says that word of mouth will help the business grow.

“If we can give you good service, that’s what will build us.”

Harrison continues to be a loyal customer.

“If you have any questions, they are happy to answer them,” she said.