OUS students honored at Research and Creative Activity Expo

Published 10:20 pm Saturday, June 5, 2010

IRONTON — Hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and medical students gathered May 13 at the Convocation Center on the Ohio University main campus in Athens to present their original work at Ohio University’s annual Student Research and Creative Activity Expo.

Ohio University hosts the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo annually to demonstrate the results of its student’s research, scholarship and creative activity inside and outside the classroom.

Projects have included documentary filmmaking, and presentations on the latest findings from medicine, astrophysics, education, and environmental science.

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This year, two Ohio University Southern students brought home three top awards.

“We are incredibly proud of these awards, which have placed Joe and Dennis among the best student researchers at Ohio University,” said OUS Dean Bill Willan. “Not only have they honored their mentors, professors David Lucas and Bob Leith, with their performances, but they have also set an example that should encourage more Southern Campus students to participate next year.”

The first was the result of the combined efforts of Dennis Lambert and Joe Bass. The pair won first place for their research and presentation on the Underground Railroad.

The duo worked together compiling information on the Underground Railroad in Ironton.

The second award was given to Joe Bass, for Project Green Box in the Communications section of the competition.

The idea was to make a friendly way to communicate suggestions and ideas that would help the campus become more environmentally responsible.

Bass placed green suggestion boxes around the campus to gather input from students, faculty, and staff on how to “green” up the campus.

One of the suggestions was the placement of recycling buckets around campus making it easier for everyone to get involved.

The third award, a second place finish in the Arts and Humanities category, was given to Dennis Lambert for his documentary on Blackfork.

Lambert spent two years compiling interviews of those individuals who lived in Blackfork, student narratives about their interviewing experiences, and video footage to complete his documentary.

When asked about his experience with the Student Research and Creative Activity Expo, Lambert said:

“I think it is great that it gives us a voice, not only as students but as independent researchers, being able to present this information to the public at large and to fellow students. It’s impressive to be able to go out and say this is what we did, come check it out, and learn something.”

When asked if he had any encouraging words for other students considering participating Bass said:

“There’s no reason not to. It’s incredible not only to present the knowledge you’ve gained but, to see all the different information gathered from other departments. It is an amazing experience.”