Local Democrats kick off 2010 campaign

Published 12:00 am Sunday, June 6, 2010

IRONTON — Local Democrats, joined by Gov. Ted Strickland’s brother Roger, kicked off the 2010 campaign at Ruby’s Banquet Hall in Ironton on Saturday.

The kick-off event in Ironton was part of a statewide launch to Ohio Democrats’ coordinated campaign in 2010, termed “the Fight for Ohio’s Future.”

This effort is a joint effort between the Ohio Democratic Party, Organizing for America and all Democratic candidates and committees.

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More than 150 canvasses and kick-off events were held across the state.

In every corner of Ohio, Democratic volunteers went door-to-door, talking with voters about the election and seeking support.

At the kick-off event, Roger Strickland gave local volunteers an inside look into the 2010 campaign and expressed his views about the importance of helping to elect the Democratic ticket in November.

“This election will be a choice between Ohio values and Wall Street values,” said Roger Strickland. “On Wall Street, they value trade deals with China and Mexico that send Ohio jobs overseas. They value profits at the expense of Ohio’s families. But in Ohio, we value hard work over corruption. And we value a strong middle class over corporate greed.”

“Today, Democrats have begun the fight,” Strickland continued. “It’s a fight for Ohio’s jobs, Ohio’s families and Ohio’s schools. It’s a fight for Ohio’s future.”