Sewer line project continues throughout Chesapeake

Published 10:30 am Tuesday, June 8, 2010

CHESAPEAKE — Crews from Sewer Optical Services Inc. continue to clean out sewer lines in the village of Chesapeake as part of a massive overhaul and rehabilitation of the lines in the eastern end of Lawrence County.

According to Marty Wolfe, foreman of project from SOS, crews are about 50 percent finished with cleaning out approximately 60,000 feet of sewer line from West Chesapeake to Rome Township.

That segment of the project started two months ago where workmen force water into the sewer line with high-pressure hoses and then suction up the debris.

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Next a camera is sent into the line to determine if additional cleaning is needed.

After the lines are cleaned, the relining part of the project will begin.

This week’s work schedule is as follows:

Manhole Cover Replacement

Chesapeake: Ben Street Area

Sewer Cleaning

Chesapeake: North of Third Avenue between the Chesapeake and State Route 7 Exit Ramps on U.S. Highway 52.

Sewer Lining

No sewer lining will be performed during this week.

Residents and businesses in these areas may experience an odor during lining activities.

If that happens, there are probably have plumbing issues with the sewer trap that is allowing the odor to come into the home.

It is recommended that water is poured down the lowest drain in the home or business with a damp towel placed over the opening.

Opening windows will allow the odor to dissipate.