Oil spill not about politics

Published 8:38 am Friday, June 18, 2010

“It’s BP’s fault.” “No, it’s Obama’s lack of leadership.” “Or is it society’s fault?” “I’m sure it is the Republicans who are behind all this.” “Certainly the Democrats are to blame.”

While all this finger pointing continues with no end in sight, tens of thousands of barrels of oil continue to leak into the Gulf of Mexico, destroying the environment and escalating a man-made disaster of dangerous proportions.

Nearly two months after the leak first occurred, killing 11 men, little has been done to address the problem.

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At the heart of the issue is the continuing effort — coming from both sides of the aisle — to politicize this tragedy for personal gain.

The Republicans want to use this as another chink in the armor of the president and the Dems.

The Democrats are trying to spin this to show that they are tough on big business and that the president can drop the hammer when needed.

And the oil keeps pouring into the water like a broken sieve.

Obama and the administration were proud of the fact that they have gotten a commitment from BP to spend $20 billion on cleanup efforts and another $100 million to help families of laid-off workers while drilling is halted.

All the while, the oil blackens the Gulf.

Now isn’t the time to focus on punishment or penalties or blame.

Our nation needs solutions.

That will come from leadership focused on finding answers and working together rather than gaining a political edge.

This must start with getting every available resource focused on this effort and working together instead of bickering and casting blame.

Because, the oil is still flowing.