New student specialist looks forward to OUS post

Published 10:19 am Friday, June 25, 2010

ROME TOWNSHIP — It was an interest in what makes people tick that got Sarah Kyllo to chose studying psychology for her undergraduate degree.

Take that curiosity and add to it a love of learning and joining the staff at Ohio University Southern-Proctorville Center comes across as a perfect match.

“I’ve always just liked working with people and trying to understand their behavior and why they do what they do,” Kyllo said. “I think higher education is a way to impact someone’s life and help them impact someone else’s life.”

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Kyllo, who began her duties as the student services specialist in May, says it’s the diversity as far as duties in the post that appeals to her.

“I don’t want to be in an office eight hours a day,” she said. “This is a position where I am working with students, and out in the community. It is getting so much depth of experience.”

A native of the flat lands of Fargo, N.D., Kyllo grew up on a farm where she nurtured a love of the outdoors. That inspired her to drive 18 hours to take a job in Southeastern Ohio.

“I’ve always loved the outdoors and loved traveling and I wanted to explore some place new,” she said.

Kyllo earned her undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Minnesota at Duluth and then her master’s of science in counseling and student affairs from Minnesota State University-Fargo-Morehead. In between she had a job at a group home where she worked with children who came from foster care or had been removed because of behavioral problems.

“It made me a lot more aware of what people go through in their lives and how some children are incredibly resilient,” she said. “They can survive and thrive even after going through some hard experiences.”

Kyllo’s duties include advising incoming students in picking out their classes, working with the seven Student Ambassadors and the Proctorville Center’s recruiting program along with other outreach.

“Everyone has been friendly, very patient and helpful,” she said. “ I think the students here are great.”