Plenty to blame for country’s drug problems

Published 10:21 am Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It has come to the point that I can’t stand seeing so much blame to people who are hooked on oxycontin, vicodin, etc.

Such people who receive prescriptions for these medications get them easily from various doctors in our area.

Many former felons receive these regularly because they complain to one doctor who goes ahead and prescribes them pain medication, then they go to another and get another script and the line goes on from there.

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It is my opinion that some control, if not the majority, should start with the doctor and politicians.

For one, no former felon should ever receive a script for any of those medications so that they would fill the script. Others have so much time on their hands that they sit around thinking of ways they can con their way into making money the easy way.

They take the scripts and then sell them to their so-called friends.

They should only get them when they have been admitted to the hospital and a nurse actually sees them swallow a pill and, at the least, only a limited number should be given even then.

It is amazing that such people who have never worked either a day in their life or little at all can receive medical attention and so forth and others who truly deserve it and have worked years can’t receive anything.

It is a travesty in the USA that these things are allowed to go on. It should be a law that when a patient goes to a doctor that questions about convicted felons should be asked and especially about drugs.

After all, medical questionnaires ask “have you ever done drugs or do drugs.” So forget the “HIPPA” Law. If a doctor prescribes such a medication over a certain amount a month, or to a former felon, his license should be temporarily suspended or revoked. We do this to other people in the field for doing drugs Giving someone a script to do drugs is no different than using them in other ways than intended.

The next responsible person should be the pharmacist who should call a drug center bank that shows up how many scripts that person has.

But, oops, I forgot how the so-called patient goes in under different names thinking they are ahead of the system.

They always think they have the answers. Also, if they are arrested, they just say, “I have a script for this medication” and they get off because no one is able to see how many scripts that person has and under what felonious names.

So, to these so called doctors who do this, I call them “QUACKS!”

They are only looking at the almighty dollar and not thinking about why they’re in medicine in the first place.

Debbie Conley