Fireworks not child’s play

Published 1:55 pm Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Independence Day will be here soon so it is up to all responsible adults to make sure the holiday comes and goes with a safe bang.

Fireworks are always a popular attraction this time of year but it is important that everyone remembers how dangerous they can be as well.

No one in Lawrence county will ever forget the tragedy in Scottown 14 years ago that took the lives of nine people when a cigarette ignited the merchandise at Ohio River Fireworks.

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That afternoon, the entire perception of fireworks changed in the eyes of many here in the Tri-State. The entertainment stood out as the danger it can be.

This prompted changes on a state and national level when it comes to how fireworks are sold and stored.

But dangers remain very real.

Although this may have been an extreme case that was the culmination of several factors that will likely never occur again, the potential for death or injury is always there when dealing with fireworks.

The most important thing is to understand that they aren’t toys and they aren’t for children to play with unattended.

Adults must take responsibility for what they purchase and how they allow them to be set off.

Fireworks are part of the Fourth of July celebration that marks the birth of our country. They are as American as apple pie and baseball.

But that patriotism and celebration shouldn’t blind us to the dangers.

Fourteen years ago, many citizens vowed never to forget — or repeat — what happened in Scottown.

That promise shouldn’t be broken.