What we get won’t be worse than what we have

Published 1:56 pm Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This is to address Mr. Jim Crawford’s article about the upcoming election titled “what we will get by the Republican party.”

Well, could it be any worse than what we got in 2008? Let’s look at what we got then. We got a person who is a good speaker, but doesn’t know what he is talking about.

He thinks that we can spend our way to prosperity. Any idiot knows that it will not work. He has surrounded himself with so many czars that all he has to do is just talk and let the Chicago mob run this country into the ground, which it is doing.

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Just what has he done to “help” America?

To anyone who knows anything, you should know that we are a much weaker nation, which doesn’t have the courage now to call “radical Islam extremests” by what they are.

And in his book Obama told us that he would stand with Islam above the “Christian.”

We, at one time, were the land of the free. However, if you know just what both he and the Democrat party are doing, they are breaking this country, which is just what he wants.

If you think that I’m against blacks, you are terribly wrong, as I was in service with them and they are no different than I am.

Besides Obama isn’t all black. You forget that he had a white mother and was raised by white grandparents.

Let’s just call this letter what it is. It is telling just where Obama and the Democrats are taking this country.

Who could do worse than what we now have?

We have already lost so much of our freedoms. Which Republican ever took over the banks, the auto companies, told the CEOs what they can be paid, passed a so-called health care bill that no one really knows just what is in it, with one exception, the senior citizens have been cut $500 billion dollars.

And have you looked at the insurance companies who are now raising their rates in order to pay for the cuts that are being made in Medicare and so on?

Yes, tell me how much better it is now than it would be under the Republicans.

Also have you looked at his approval rating now? Even the New York Times has turned on this administration. When will you wise up?

No I’m not a member of the “tea party”, but they will probably be the ones who will save this nation, if enough people wake up by November.

Homer L Campbell