Humanitarian work needed here at home

Published 9:58 am Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sometimes missionary work carries the faithful across the oceans, into jungles and thousands of miles away. Other times, the important work is right here at home.

That was essentially what Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Dublin found when it came time to follow that church congregation’s calling to help others.

The group was assisted by Lutheran Social Services, an organization that provides emergency assistance to people in crisis. The church members are spending the week here in Lawrence County helping victims of the spring flooding that wreaked havoc in parts of the region.

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This group understands that making a difference and helping others is important across the world but is also vital right here in our backyard.

Many times, natural disasters and other crises overseas grab the attention of civic and humanitarian groups, leaving needs unmet here at home.

Our society must continue to understand its role in the world and lead other nation’s by example. The compassion we show as a whole is often unmatched and we must continue to help those in need.

However, we cannot allow our closeness to the situation to blind us to the challenges and opportunities on a local level.

We applaud the Lutheran group for their efforts and hope others follow their lead by at least considering humanitarian projects close to home.

No one knows the needs better than those living right here in our communities.