County could receive funding to fight prescription drug abuse

Published 9:40 am Friday, July 2, 2010

Lawrence County could be in line for more grant funding to fight the prescription drug abuse problem.

Lawrence County Commissioner Doug Malone said Thursday the Ohio Department of Public Safety, in cooperation with the Ohio Prescription Drug Abuse Task Force, is offering grants to local law enforcement agencies to help investigate and prosecute cases of prescription drug abuse.

Statewide, the grants will total $250,000 with a maximum of $15,000 per application.

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“They say this is an epidemic in Ohio,” Malone said. “I’d like to pass this on to the prosecutor’s office and the sheriff’s office.”

According to the ODPS, unintentional drug poisoning became the leading cause of injury death in the state in 2007.

It surpassed motor vehicle crashes and suicide for the first time.

The deadline for submitting an application is July 12.

Meanwhile the Lawrence Soil and Water Conservation District has gotten a $500 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources to install a rain barrel on county property.

Carrie Yaniko, educator for the conservation district, said initially it was hoped the rain barrel could be installed at the courthouse, however, the gutters at the courthouse could not accommodate the rain barrel, which will be installed at the county dog pound.

A second rain barrel will be used for education workshops in the near future. The date for the workshops will be announced later on.

Rain barrels are installed on the end of a gutter to collect rainwater from the roof of a building.

The rain is stored and later used to water lawns, gardens or for other purposes when needed.

Grants may only be used for one specific purpose. When a grant is applied for, the applicant must state specifically what the money will be used for.

The grant application must strictly adhere to the standards set forth by the entity issuing the grant.