Animal abuse case to go to trial

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 4, 2010

CHESAPEAKE — The animal abuse case against a Rome Township man has been set for trial in Lawrence County Municipal Court on Friday, July 16.

David L. Brammer, 57, of Daisy Drive, Proctorville, is charged with a second-degree misdemeanor animal abuse charge for allegedly mistreating two young horses in June.

Brammer and his attorney, John Kehoe, appeared before Judge Donald R. Capper Friday morning when the trial date was set.

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According to a sheriff’s deputy report the June 16 complaint was filed by an individual who said he found the two colts were wrapped in their leads, unable to get up, and they were without food and water.

Deputies went to Brammer’s trailer and found there was no water for the animals and that one could not get up.

“We have received numerous calls about the colts getting wrapped up in their leads and not able to move for the past week,” the report said.

At that time the horses were taken from Brammer and given to third parties because of their living conditions.

A week ago at a pre-trial in Capper’s courtroom, Kehoe said that Brammer was willing to agree that he would not keep the horses at the trailer where he lives, but at another location.

However, Assistant Lawrence County Prosecutor Bob Anderson said that the horses, which had apparently gotten back in Brammer’s possession again, had broken loose that morning and were running through the Daisy Drive neighborhood. Because of that Anderson requested that Brammer be denied the horses entirely.

Friday morning Capper asked that the state determine the possession of the horses before the trial, which is scheduled to start at 11 a.m. Friday, July 16.