Who are we really protecting and serving?

Published 10:50 am Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why is it that just sex offenders are reported to your inbox? It’s hard enough for a parent to protect their kids.

What about the domestic violators, abusers of prescription drugs, repeat offenders of DUI, assault, delinquent child support etc.

Reporting these online would also protect against crooked courts, lawyers who refuse a consult for their clients. A judge is responsible to see they do their job but they also have laws like giving defendant a chance to face accuser, You can check that and more in state codes.

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We have bad guys in government as well as on the street. Imagine knowing what neighbors to watch out for to protect your kids. And what a help it would be to a neighborhood watch.

It would also be a safer and smarter way to protect people who are trying to find Mr. or Miss Right. The concept of “to protect and serve” shouldn’t be applied to criminals over the ones who follow law.

It seems to me that government is paid for by us and should work for us, the law abiding citizens.

Then maybe people will support their needs and they can lay off the water bill games. At $250 to turn on the water, who would want to move here? Government officials talk like it is our fault because of a negative public attitude.

You want change, consider some of those possibilities.

Robert Hesse