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Letter writer seems to be oblivious to reality

I want to comment on a letter sent to the paper by Mr. Homer Campbell. Homer wrote about several things.

President Obama is a very good speaker and he is the first president to pass health reform.

Some say that senior citizens will lose $500 billion because of the president, but I haven’t had any changes to my Medicare!

Freedoms lost? The Republicans tried to wire tap us and do other things, but they were stopped.

Republicans sent our military overseas to fight a war just because Bush didn’t like their leader.

Just think of the dead soldiers from around the world, just because a president disliked someone. What about their freedom?

I wrote a letter to The Ironton Tribune about my stepson being chased out of the county by some white boys because he was with a white woman and Homer replied by saying there were places in Columbus he could not go.

Well, there are places I won’t go in Columbus, but what about their freedom?

I believe the government should have told the banks, and the other companies they lent money to, what to do.

Why let them keep paying millions, if not billions, to failures?

I saw on television where a spokesperson from the Tea Party says that if the right person is not chosen by the American people, then people should use, what I took as, guns.

The Tea Party is a dangerous organization.

I really feel for anyone who votes Republican.

James M. Taylor