Fair workers should be more clear about pricing

Published 10:48 am Friday, July 16, 2010

The Lawrence County Fair needs to be more precise about the admission/rides prices.

I recently took three children to the fair. We paid our $8 admission fee. When we started to go on the rides, we were told we needed a wrist band.

No one taking admission mentioned this to us. When I asked about this I was then told to take my ticket to the rides booth and get a wrist band.

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My granddaughter and her friend did not know to submit their tickets for the wristband. They paid another $6.

Despite a protest to fair board officials, the girls did not get their money back, although they presented their tickets.

I thought this may have been an isolated event and was about to take my losses until I noticed several other families doing the same thing (paying for admission and paying again for a wristband).

Talking to other people inside the fair, I found this was quite common.

There needs to be a sign saying admission price includes the wristband.

At least the ladies taking the money for the wristbands could ask if the person has already paid and received a ticket.

I considered it an insult when the fair official tried to appease me by paying the girls’ $12 out of his pocket. I only thought it fair — no pun intended — to give the girls’ money back since they had already paid.

Tonya Compliment

Coal Grove