When will the Democrats stop blaming Bush?

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 18, 2010

There was a curious article recently by Mr. Jim Crawford where he criticized the Democratic Congress for their work that they haven’t accomplished.

However, he still blames former President Bush for all the problems that are occurring for President Obama.

If you stop and check, the Obama administration (because of political contributions) gave BP an award for the safety on the oil rig that collapsed just this year. They didn’t check, just gave them an award for safety on the rig that collapsed. Now they are holding up progress on fixing the problem that they helped to create in the first place.

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Then, even though the deficit was just (which was too high) under Bush administration, for eight years it went up $5 trillion dollars. Under President Obama’s administration it will approach the $5 trillion dollars in two years, with deficits of $1 trillion dollars for years to come.

This will bankrupt America as we will not have enough money coming in to pay the interest on the debt, let alone pay the debt down.

Just when will the Democrats quit blaming Bush and start blaming the Obama administration?

Some will never do that even when the country goes bankrupt as the Democrats who are in power never make a mistake in the eyes of the “loyal” Democrats.

I wasn’t satisfied with many of the Bush policies, nor was I happy about McCain for president, as he wasn’t the best man for the job either.

The major part of the Republicans will admit that their candidate isn’t what they hoped for.

When will the Democrats do the same and quit blaming someone else for a change?

Remember we all have a stake in the future of America.

Homer Campbell