Citizens deserve action on poor county roads

Published 12:00 am Sunday, July 25, 2010

I thank the lady who submitted the letter about the county road. The problem is county wide and is also on the township roads.

I work for a service organization. If we don’t treat our clients well, we don’t have business. Hmmm.

The trustees are supposed to provide service. I called them three months ago about the culvert/tile across our road that needs replacing or cleaning out.

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I have heard the county will give the trustees a culvert/tile for no cost. Let’s get it done.

Well, I called again this week about it. It is now worse, completely stopped up with rock and sand.

I cleaned it out three months ago, with not even a thank you from the trustees.

Debris gets all over the road, mud is terrible and potholes.

Wonder what they do with all their funds? Who holds them accountable?

The road needs crowned with a good base. Water stands in different places, causing these potholes.

We need service and sounds like it is a county wide issue.

The response from the county “engineer” has set the tone.

But I understand they “fixed” the pothole right after the previous issue.

The trustees, county engineer, and others need to be proactive, not reactive.

Richard MArtin