Bengals await Owens at training camp

Published 1:31 am Thursday, July 29, 2010

GEORGETOWN, Ky. — A flamboyant Cincinnati Bengals receiver has the whole team talking, and this time it’s not Chad Ochocinco.

He’s overshadowed by a player who has yet to arrive.

Terrell Owens was headed to the area Wednesday while his teammates-to-be tucked pillows and sound systems under their arms, unpacking for the start of training camp at Georgetown College. Owens wasn’t expected to arrive until a day later.

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The anticipation was already there.

“This just shows that we are building this team to go all the way this year,” offensive guard Bobbie Williams said. “That’s all you can ask an organization to do. So bring on TO! I’m excited.”

Adding the 36-year-old receiver who has a history of clashing with quarterbacks came as a surprise. The Bengals had a chance to sign him after a tryout in March, but gave Antonio Bryant a four-year deal instead to line up opposite Ochocinco.

With Owens still available on the eve of training camp, the Bengals made a move that will affect them in a lot of ways. One receiver will lose a job; other receivers will get fewer passes thrown their way; Ochocinco and Owens will be challenged to keep their egos in check.

It has the feel of a reality-TV show.

“Everybody’s telling me I need to start one,” receivers coach Mike Sheppard joked.

They have enough of those already.

Ochocinco’s dating show on VH1 is winding down. His show is followed on the cable channel by “The T.O. Show.” When they get together in the locker room, the two friends will have to figure out how to turn their look-at-me style into a look-at-us season.

Nothing new for an organization that isn’t afraid to give troublemakers another chance.