Engineer owes the taxpayers clear answers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some songs may sound like broken records but that is because the most important listener doesn’t seem to be paying attention to the tune.

Once again, the Lawrence County Commission is asking county engineer David Lynd to explain road repair plans after yet another outcry from taxpayers who do not feel they are getting their money’s worth.

This is a recurring problem with Lynd because he essentially ignores the community and gives no regard to public sentiment.

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This has to stop. Now.

Voters might have the opportunity to address Lynd’s employment in two years if he faces opposition but doing nothing until then simply isn’t good enough either.

The commissioners have done little to hold him accountable — saying it isn’t their charge to do so and only getting involved when it is politically advantageous — but they hold the purse strings.

Lynd must answer the public’s concerns immediately. The engineer should personally give a monthly report to the commission — and ultimately to the public — about the status of projects that are under way, what projects are scheduled and the overall approach his office is taking toward the county’s road system.

Lynd seems to have forgotten who he works for and who provides the more than $6 million a year that operates his office.

The laundry list of problems on county roads grows daily, many of which could ultimately cost someone’s life.

The county’s engineer must stand up and be accountable to the public. The citizens of Lawrence County rely on this office to do the job right.

We understand that money is tight, the work is immense and the position is essentially thankless, but that is not an excuse for poor communication and lack of leadership.

This must change now. Otherwise voters must hope for an opportunity to change it at the polls in 2012.