Meet historical walkers

Published 12:00 am Sunday, August 1, 2010

What a wonderful hot evening for the ice cream social we had last Sunday evening. Several faithful friends and the “Country Knights” weathered the heat wave.

The refreshments were very good and so was the entertainment.

The next special program will be Aug. 1, when you can have the privilege of meeting the characters who will be taking part in the Woodland Historical Cemetery Walk. It seems time is moving so fast that these events are all already here.

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We recently were notified that another member from the class of 1950 Ironton High School has passed. Barbara Vaughan McConnell, who was born in Ironton and attended Ironton Schools, will not be with us at the 60th class reunion on Oct. 2.

Her family owned and operated the Henthorn’s Dry Cleaners business for many years.

A rummage sale, sponsored by the Lawrence County Historical Society, will be held at the storage building at Sixth and Lawrence streets. It will begin at 8 a.m. We will also be glad for the contributions.

Do you know when and why the house numbers in Ironton were changed?

We are aware it was in the early part of 1920s. If you have any knowledge about this, let us know.

Historical Fact: Information from the National Genealogical Society, Arlington, Va.

The government did not begin issuing pensions for service in the Revolutionary War until 1818 and it was not until 1836 that widows of veterans could receive any compensation.

In order to obtain a pension, an individual had to provide that he had indeed served in the war. The first applications were not filed until more than 30 years after the war.

The record related to services were from the Continental Troops, State Continental Line Organizations, Navy and Marines.

Naomi Deer, Trustee

Lawrence County Historical Society