Democrats want to ignore real facts of reality

Published 10:00 am Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I would hope that letter writer Robert E. Smith knew what he was talking about when writing about my letters.

Well, here are some more “fodder facts,” which he conveniently forgot in his letter.

First, I don’t have to hear Rush Limbaugh to get the facts, which are on record. Smith mentioned the prosperous times under President Clinton when we had a surplus budget, which is correct.

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However, he neglected to mention that they happened after the Republicans were elected to both the House and the Senate and drafted the “Contract with America” after the 1994 election.

Then, Clinton’s first budget surplus was in 1998, a fact which was omitted in the letter.

Second, the Bush deficit wasn’t in his first six months but was in 2002, another fact which he ignored.

Third, when the Bush administration bailed out Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac, he evidently forgot that both the House and Senate was controlled by the Democrats. Two years earlier both Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were told that there was trouble with them. However, since they both had loans and dealings with them, they denied trouble.

Again, these are facts. However again, Democrats make no mistakes.

It doesn’t take intelligence to know if President Obama’s programs will work. Any high school student knows that if your friend can’t pay for the loan that you have made him, you will not loan him anymore.

This is just where we are heading with constant spending, with no way to pay our creditors.

I suppose no one cares how much debt that is left for our children.

Yes, G.W. Bush did things that were totally wrong. I didn’t approve then nor now. His motto to both parties, “give me what I want and I’ll give you what you want,” is the reason for the $5 trillion dollar deficit over eight years.

However, give a pass for nearly $4 trillion dollars in less that 19 months with no end in sight.

Mr. Smith asked me what would I recommend. Well, here it is and it is common sense.

Don’t start anymore programs unless you have a way to pay for them. Cut the programs that aren’t working now, like the stimulus. Where are the shovel ready jobs?

Also, President Obama made a statement in Detroit that the economy has turned the corner.

They have 30 percent unemployment and millions of people who had jobs have quit looking for work because there aren’t any jobs available.

If they were counted in the unemployment, it wouldn’t be 9.5 percent but more like 15 percent. Again, facts.

Now, just who is blind? And if anyone needs a pair of glasses I have an extra pair.

Homer Campbell