Current state of affairs raises variety of questions

Published 10:25 am Thursday, August 5, 2010

Here are just some things that I have been wondering about.

1. When a dignitary expires and the president says, “Our prayers are with the family.” Who is he praying too?

2. Will the president like me better and be more attentive to my needs if I commit a crime and become an “illegal American?”

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3. If the illegal immigrants were all driving military tanks, would we still not deal with them crossing our borders?

4. If immigrants (legal or illegal) can not be asked for their papers when stopped by police then why do they even need to apply for papers and why do I have to show my driver license?

5. If 50 percent of people live off the labor and taxation of the other 50 percent, then why don’t we drive to work with our horns blowing at 7 a.m. to wake them all up?

6. When we create new government agencies to do the job that wasn’t properly done by the existing agency, what do we do with the existing agency staff and budget?

7. Do you think Native Americans ever sit on their reservations and say, “I wish we would have built us a fence when that first boatload landed. But no, Chief Powhatten fed them turkey and showed them how to use fish as fertilizer. Now they own our land and we are selling trinkets.”

8. Why do I have to stop five times on my way to work because my wife is sick after her chemo treatment while able bodied people are living off the taxes she will pay that day?

9. Why do we all want to take the credit but seek out third parties to take the blame and then litigate them so everyone will know they are to blame?

10. Why do we tell a company they have to pay for all the damages they caused and then ask the public to boycott them so they can’t make any money to pay the damages?

Joe Freeman

Crown City