Debates key for our voters

Published 11:09 am Friday, August 6, 2010

Ohio — like many other states — sits in a precarious economic position. Will the state turn the corner or plunge off the proverbial cliff?

The central questions remain: Who will steer the ship and which candidate has the best plan to dictate the direction?

Ohio voters may begin to get some of those answers over the next two months as Democrat incumbent Ted Strickland and Republican challenger John Kasich have agreed to participate in two debates, one in Columbus on Sept. 14 and another in Toledo on Oct.7. Both should be televised on Ohio news station including the Ohio News Network.

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This is among the most important gubernatorial races in recent memory with a wide chasm between the candidates and their views on how they can turn around the state.

Strickland is building on his belief that his administration has made the necessary changes over the past four years to bring the state through one of the toughest recessions in history. His critics are quick to point out that the southern Ohio native didn’t live up to many of his campaign promises and relies on far too much federal funding just to balance the budget.

Kasich is building on his past track record as a fiscal conservative and that Ohio needs a change. His opponents will target his views on eliminating state income tax and cutting the inheritance tax — a move that would have a massively negative impact on local governments — as a fairy tale designed to mesmerize voters.

Ohio’s citizens need to tune in, turn on and take part in the democratic process to ensure that the majority rules and the best person wins.

Ohio is at a crossroads. Voters have to figure out who has the best map.