VFW members show class in helping fellow vet

Published 9:31 am Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why have Americans forgotten about our veterans? I was at work last night when the big storm came through in Ironton. I work at KFC.

There was a vet who had came in to eat before the storm started, he was in a wheel chair and did not have legs.

He stayed and was trying to ride out the storm, but by the time it was time for us to close the storm was not over yet. I asked him if there was someone I could call to get him a ride, and he said no.

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So I told him I would make a few phone calls and have someone take him where he needed to go. After several calls to the fire department, and so on, everyone said they couldn’t come and get him.

They didn’t do that. I was in tears by then. This man lost his legs for this country and no one wanted to help him. My Dad was a WW II vet and spent many days at the VFW there in Ironton. After I would pick him up after his visit there, he would always say: “Sissy there a great bunch of men in there.”

I thought about what he said and decided to give them a call. When I told them what was going on, without hesitation the man on the phone said we’ll do what we can.

Ten minutes later here came three men with a pick up truck, and a car. They put the wheelchair in the truck and him in the car and off they went with him in the storm. I guess my Dad was right, they are a great bunch of men up there. The vet’s taking care of a fellow vet. Thank you

Sue Kilgore

Frankin Furnace