Facebook now far more than entertainment

Published 11:39 am Friday, August 27, 2010

Although it started as a social networking site, Facebook has become a virtual bulletin board and information hub for the 21st Century.

The online network now touches almost all facets of our society, with countless groups, businesses and organizations using it to disseminate information and keep people connected.

And of course friends and families use it to stay in touch, often foregoing phone calls, regular emails and certainly mailed letters.

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Love it or hate it, individuals who don’t take advantage of this new medium face the risk of being left behind.

News outlets use it to disseminate breaking news.

Businesses use it to share bargains with customers and potentially attract new business.

Organizations use it to get their message out to the community, often pushing grassroots efforts to raise money and make a difference.

A perfect example of this is the Ohio Department of Aging. The organization is asking for pictures of grandparents with their grandchildren doing things together to celebrate Grandparents Day on Sept. 12.

These can be submitted through Facebook and will be displayed on the department’s page.

This is a creative way to get people involved and showcase Ohio’s families.

Facebook will not — and should not — ever replace the family dinner table or human interaction, but it can bring us closer together in a high-tech world.