City to smoke test N. Ironton sewer system

Published 10:29 am Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Residents of North Ironton should not be surprised to find a non-toxic smoke in or around their residence this week.

Starting today, the city and contractors will conduct smoke tests in the north end of town.

The testing is part of a consent order from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and a part of the sewer rehabilitation project.

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The goal is to determine what residences and businesses have gutters, catch basins and storm drains that are tied into the city’s sanitary sewer.

“It contributes to overflowing the system which causes back up,” Mayor Rich Blankenship said.

Last week the city tested a 16-block area and found about 130 issues with houses and businesses connected to the system.

“All the water from the roof coming down to our system, adding to it is a small line, and therefore it fills up even faster,” Blankenship said.

Residents who will be affected by the smoke testing have been notified via a door hanger on their front door.

The smoke will be put into the sanitary sewer systems. If residents see smoke coming inside their house, it is probably because they have plumbing issues with the sewer trap that is allowing the smoke to come into the house.

Besides the smoke testing, the city’s sewer rehabilitation project will continue with sewer cleaning and lining throughout the city.

This week’s schedule for the Ironton Sewer Rehabilitation Project is as follows:

Manhole Cover Replacement

Manhole cover replacement will take place throughout Ironton in various locations.

Sewer Cleaning

Sewer cleaning will take place throughout Ironton in various locations.

Sewer Lining

Jeannine Street,

McPherson Street,

Second Street between Orchard Street and Derik Street,

Third Street alley between Hecla Street and Etna Street, North Ironton near the Wastewater Treatment Plant