Historical Society to launch Facebook page

Published 10:34 pm Saturday, September 4, 2010

Good news first — It has been decided to make apple butter again this year at the museum. The date will be announced soon.

Family and friends have passed during the last month. A special friend and relative, who was the “Book Doctor” at Briggs Library, recently went to be with her family at the Woodland Cemetery. As we traveled through the cemetery, we realize how beautiful the cemetery is. Many of our families and friends have been put to rest here. This is the bad, or rather, sad news.

Speaking of Woodland Cemetery, we believe that the Historical Cemetery Walk is the most educational event held in this county. Those graves hold people of many different races, countries and politics and are rich and poor. There is a story for every family.

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We have learned the history of our county by attending these historical walks. It is good for the younger people to attend.

Remember the bean dinner will be held in the museum yard on Oct. 9. Entertainment, food and a good time will be held.

We have heard that our Historical Society will soon be placed on Facebook. This is something to look forward to.

Anther fact to remember is that the museum will be closed from Oct. 17 through the first Sunday in November. This will give the workers time to decorate the building for a “Victorian Christmas.”

The W.P. Snyder, Jr. was built as the Carnegie Steel Co. towboat in 1916. She was a sister vessel of the W.P. Colvin, Jr. She towed coal on the Monongahela River until she was laid up in Sept. 23, 1953 in Crucible, Pa.

In the summer of 1955, the boat was given to the Ohio Historical Society for exhibit at the Ohio River Museum of the Sons and Daughters of Pioneer Riverman in Marietta, Ohio.

The W.P Snyder was the last steamboat locking through Lock1. Recently, it was brought to Lawrence County on the Ohio River for repair. It will be sent back to Marietta.

It is about ready to be sent back to Marietta where it will be used for historical events such as river cruises, train journeys and other leisure travel, domestic or international.

Historical Fact: Ironton Register, Nov. 8, 1900 — Ironton Gold Mine.

Mr. and Mrs. Harry E. Steece arrived Thursday night from Helena, Mo. for a visit with the former’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Bardy Steece. Mr. Steece is the government land agent at Helena, and is also president of the Wapello Gold Mining Company.

This company owns and operates a gold mine in the state of Washington, about 100 miles from Helena, which promises to be a paying investment. This is said to have almost $10,000 paid-up stock, quite a proportion of which is held by Ironton people.

Among the Ironton stockholders are: Samuel B. Steece, Col. H.A. Marting, Frank C. Tomlison, S.G. Gilfillan, Charles Lintner, Fred Horschel and A.K. Johnson. Solicitor General John K. Richards is also financially interested in the venture. (Steece was a place out on Route 93 near Pedro).

Naomi Deer, Trustee LCHS