Published 10:04 am Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sheriff’s report

Domestic violence — Private Drive 28, South Point Friday, man and woman arguing. She said he pushed her into a fence, causing her to fall down. He claims she shoved him and he shoved her back. Jeremy Bates, 36, of 127 State Route 2 Greenup, Ky., and Christy Shockey, 30, of 95 Private Drive 281, South Point, arrested for domestic violence.

Petty theft — Walmart, South Point, Sunday, man allegedly took items from Walmart, Christopher T. Smith, 27, of 8130 Fourth Avenue #601, Huntington, W.Va., arrested and taken to jail.

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Petty theft — Walmart, South Point, man allegedly left store without paying, concealed phone charger in pocket, stole it. Shawn R. Ward, 32, of 2230 First St., Apt. b, Culloden, W.Va., arrested for theft.

Domestic violence — 400 block of County Road 3, Chesapeake, Sunday, man alleges he woke up to wife hitting him in the head and body with her fist, then hit him and shoved him into a gun case. Tomi S. Perry, 424 County Road 3, Chesapeake arrested and taken to jail.

Petty theft, criminal trespassing — 300 block of Private Road 288, South Point, Saturday, woman concealed tennis shoes in bag, stole them, suspect named.

Domestic violence — 9800 Block of County Road 1, South Point, man grabbed woman and choked her, punched her in the head. Suspect named.

Ironton Police

Trouble — 100 block of South Ninth Street Saturday- woman claims man tried to choke her, wants to file charge. Woman advised that she had to come to police department.

Trouble — area of Shenanigans Saturday, people outside arguing, subjects left prior to arrival.

Check house — 2700 block of South Fifth Street, caller said daughter thinks she hears someone in her basement, checked house, negative contact.

Burglary — 2500 block of S. 13th Street, items missing but no forced entry, caller called back to say to disregard.

Trouble — Saturday, no location given, women allegedly barged into house, took a skateboard from caller’s son. When she realized it wasn’t her son’s, they left. Both subjects advised.

Theft — car broken into, caller has information that might help located thief, info filed for supplement report.

Suspicious activity — Woodland Cemetery Sunday- disturbane at the Lowry mausoleum, negative contact.

Theft — Wyanoke Street Sunday- solar lights and plant stand stolen and located in a back yard on Wyanoke, advised parents about children stealing stuff.

Trouble — Center Street Saturday – kids in car that just drove by and cussed at caller. Negative contact.

Dirt bike — Hecla Street Saturday – kid on dirt bike with no lights, negative contact.

Fight — area of Family Dollar Parking lot Saturday, caller advised there is a fight, no fight there or at Center Street landing,

Trouble with juvenile — 500 block of N. Sixth Street Saturday, caller reports a juvenile girl has been harassing her daughter, filed info for report.

Dog complaint — 1500 block of Karen Street Saturday, dog barking, disturbing neighbors, negative contact and didn’t hear any dogs either.

Assault — Saturday woman assaulted at the Marlowe, partial info for report.

Fight — area of Toro Loco Saturday- men standing in front of restaurant about to fight, checked area and no one is here.

Assault — Auto Zone Lot Sunday- pregnant woman assaulted in parking lot, EMS notified, transferred woman to hospital

Suspicious persons at door — 800 block of Tenth Street Sunday – people who were threatening caller’s brother came to caller’s door, spoke with people there was no one here, neighbors said they saw some people walking by.

Vandalism — 800 block of South Tenth Street Sunday, oil leaking from car, tool found beside car, info field for report.

Trouble — Shenanigans Sunday, argument outside, officers called off of this to go to another call.

Domestic — 700 block of South Tenth Street Sunday – guys and a girl beating another girl in the middle of the street, female left prior to arrival

Noise complaint – 500 block of South Seventh Street Sunday, neighbor’s house playing loud music.

Suspicious persons – Fifth Street Sunday- two young boys messing around cars, checked area negative contact, found paperwork and spoke to owner who says nothing is missing and no damage done to cars.

Theft – 2400 Block of South Ninth Street Sunday- caller said items were stolen off porch.

Theft – 1700 block of South Fourth Street Sunday, youth reached into parked car and took wallet, caller called back 45 minutes later, wallet found in yard.

Vandalism — 400 block of McPherson Street Sunday, car keyed.

Stolen vehicle — 100 block of North Fifth Street Sunday, someone took off in caller’s Jeep, caller called back and said to disregard, family member took it and thought owner knew.

Theft — 2000 block of S. Fifth Street Sunday, purse taken from car.