Chesy to offer 2nd year of college classes

Published 10:04 am Thursday, September 9, 2010

CHESAPEAKE — Once again Chesapeake High School will be the site of college classes open to both high school students and adults.

Last year the school district opened its doors to classes taught under the auspices of Ohio University Southern Proctorville Center.

“The program at Chesapeake opened the Chesapeake campus to not only high school students but to the general community,” Stephanie Burcham, director of the Proctorville Center, said.

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To enable students to participate this year, the start date for classes has been extended to Sept. 20, even though OUS classes began Tuesday.

“What is unique is we are starting the classes later,” Burcham said. “It gives students the opportunity to learn more about the program and adults who have to trying to get in, but not completed admissions.”

This fall three classes will be taught at Chesapeake: history, elementary algebra and psychology.

“Last year we had two classes and both had nice enrollment,” Burcham said. “There were four in the winter quarter and the idea did catch on. To increase high school participation we decided to start it late.”

High school students participating in these classes can get credit through the College Achievement Program (CAP) and will get a reduced tuition rate of $50 per credit hour compared to the regular fee of $134 per credit hour. And adults who do not have a bachelor’s degree and have been out of school for at least three years may be eligible for the Make Your Mark Program whereby they may take any one class for $10 per credit hour.

“The whole goal is to increase access opportunity for higher education,” Burcham said.