Historical Society member passes away

Published 12:00 am Sunday, September 12, 2010

We have lost another member of the Lawrence County Historical Society, Evelyn Weill.

Evelyn’s father owned Edelsons clothing store and was a well-known tailor. After his death, Evelyn and her husband Marty Weill took over the management of the store. Marty was the manager of Rocky Marciano, a champion boxer, before coming to Ironton.

I first became acquainted with Evelyn at Lawrence Street School where our children attended together. Our friendship with Evelyn and Marty has been long, and they know they will be missed in this town because of their popularity.

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Ironton in Bloom has really been busy keeping Ironton looking pretty with all the flowers. Thank you for your work and contribution to Ironton.

The museum is also staying beautiful with the Ironton Flower Club under the direction of President Doris Hannan.

It won’t be long until it is time to get out your walking shoes and go to the Historical Cemetery Walk at Woodland Cemetery. The date is Sept. 25 and a big crowd is expected.

We are planning to have apple butter making in the last week of October. Volunteers for stirring and peeling will be needed. Watch for the date.

Historical Fact: Taken from “A Pictorial History of Lawrence County” about Senator Oakley C. Collins.

Sen. Oakley C. Collins served as our Ohio state senator from 1951-1986. His accomplishments are too numerous to mention in this short space allotted.

Early in his Senate years, he became known as the “Father of Fluoride” for his leadership in placing fluoride in our drinking water. Also known as “Mr. Education,” he unfortunately did not live to see the Lawrence County Vocational School rename their facility to the Collins Career Center.

However, he considered his greatest achievement to be the permanent placement of Ohio University Southern Campus in Ironton. The first building, The Collins Center, is named in recognition of the senator’s longtime service to education in Southern Ohio.

The senator was well thought of among his constituents. He was known for his open door policy, his quick handshake and always-blaring automobile horn.

Naomi Deer, LCHS