Drug officer is good step

Published 10:20 am Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Prescription drug abuse is a problem that will likely never go away but at least now the Ironton Police Department has another tool in its fight against the epidemic.

The IPD recently received a $5,000 grant through the National Association of Drug Diversion Investigations, a non-profit organization that facilitates cooperation between law enforcement agencies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to prevent and investigate prescription drug abuse.

These funds will be used to offset the cost of a police officer who will be dedicated toward enforcement and investigation of drug-abuse crimes. This is a step in the right direction, although it is only a small step.

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Prescription drug abuse is overtaking nearly all other drug activity in the region to become the largest problem. It will take a dedicated effort and focus to ever address, let alone, curb the problem.

Although it will take legislation at the state and national level to truly make great strides with the “disease” rather than just the “symptoms,” having law enforcement committed to this is key for addressing these issues.

IPD is also setting up an anonymous tip line that will focus solely on prescription drug abuse problems.

While this may sound like a very minor thing, it provides one more avenue for the community to communicate with law enforcement about what is going on in their neighborhoods.

Drug abuse is a problem that will never go away but also one we cannot ever ignore.

Prescription drug abuse destroys lives. It destroys families. It destroys communities. We must always fight to preserve all those things that are important to us.