Published 10:07 am Thursday, October 14, 2010

Runaway – Rock Hill High School Friday, woman’s daughter was reported missing from school, arrived home the next day.

Burglary – 1400 block of County Road 70, Proctorville Monday, house and truck broken into, items taken, tags taken off truck.

Theft – 900 Township Road 155E, Pedro, Oct. 1, man’s debit card missing, several charges totaling $2,000 made.

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Safecracking – 7600 block of County Rd. 107, Proctorville Sunday, man allegedly broken into a pop machine at Foodfair on two occasions, stole approximately $500.

Breaking and entering – 300 block of County Road 1, South Point, Oct. 7, garage broken into, items missing.

Petty theft – 2600 block of County Rd. 144, South Point, Oct. 7, medication missing from under mattress. Suspect named.

Theft – 9000 block of State Rt. 775, Scottown, Oct. 7, $1,200 stolen from purse while victim worked. Car was unlocked.

Petty theft – 8800 block of County Road 1, South Point, Oct. 8, items taken from house between Sept. 10 and Oct. 1.

Theft of motor vehicle – Township Road 225, Scottown, Oct. 9, man’s truck allegedly stolen while he was at a concert.

Theft – 14000 block of State Route 775, Willow Wood, Oct. 10, cattle missing, last seen when the man fed them before church.

Runaway – Township Road 219 Chesapeake, Oct. 7, woman’s 16-year-old daughter allegedly ran away from home, missed court date. Child later returned home.

Domestic violence – 300 block of Township Rd. 296, Ironton, man allegedly threw patio furniture at wife, threatened her with physical harm and broke windows in house. Suspect named.

Petty theft – 300 block of Private Drive 288, South Point, woman allegedly left Wal-mart without paying for items. Suspect named.

County Jail

William Waddell, 19, 304 Washington St., Coal Grove, warrants for arrest Tuesday by the Ironton Municipal Court.

Ryan P. Mcmillian, 22, of 104 Private Dr. 3, Chesapeake, domestic violence Wednesday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

Katherine B. Lawrence, 26, of 1740 Winchester Ave., Ashland, Ky., warrants for arrest Tuesday by the Ironton Municipal Court.

Rhianna M. Meade, 29, of 1097 County Road 1, South Point, commitment Tuesday by the Ohio State Patrol.

Kevin McFann, 51, of 107 Orchard Dr., South Point, commitment Tuesday by the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Office.

Ironton Police

Suspicious person – Ironton Russell Bridge 7:52 a.m. Friday – man walking back and forth on bridge, holding a flower, had been checked by Russell Police, said he is praying.

Check wellbeing – 1200 block of S. Fifth St., 2:41 p.m. Friday, a stranger called caller, said her father died. Wants an officer to check. Negative contact.

Dog complaint – Reynolds St., 6:33 p.m. Friday, pack of dogs in alley, unable to locate.

Assault – 1300 block of S. Ninth St., 8:10 p.m., 16-year-old female assaulted in front of house, information filed for report.