Republicans are not to blame for world’s woes

Published 10:36 am Friday, October 29, 2010

The writer of the letter of 10/27/2010, implied that the Republicans are the only ones spending money on the election.

Well, I guess that if you are a staunch Democrat you would overlook George Soros and his multi-millions that he has spent to help get America to become a Communist nation. Just look at this man, a staunch Democrat who is a multi billionaire who pays no taxes, but has his business overseas but complains about Republicans.

This person who wrote about the Republicans and Bush ruining our country, well she conveniently forgot that the Democrats had control of both the House and Senate for the last four years. Just why didn’t they do things differently and just why did Barney Frank and Chris Dodd (both Democrats who received favorable loans at a lower percentage than others), when told there was a problem with big loan companies Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae, say that everything was all right. The reason they are not held accountable is because they are Democrats.

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Also if you understand what is happening in Greece, France, England you will find that its the freeloaders, that are wanting what has been given and they can no longer afford to pay those who expect everything free. By the way neither can we here in America. While Obama spends us into oblivion our national debt is now where the interest on our debt alone is 62 percent of our gross national product.

Just where will the money come from to pay the other things that are being paid now without cuts to many programs. By the way Obama has cut Medicar e $500 billion over the next few years which means that the seniors will have less coverage.

Just forget the seniors, they are old and unproductive anyway. That’s what Obama says.

Homer Campbell, Ironton