Post-election time for us to come together

Published 3:23 am Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The votes have been cast. The ballots have been counted. Now it is time for America to come together.

The 2010 general election is over. It was arguably one of the most divisive and nasty elections in recent years where partisan bickering and negative campaigning ruled the day. Party lines were drawn as clearly as in any recent year.

And none of that means anything now.

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Some of those who we called “candidates” cannot call themselves that any longer.

Now they are elected representatives of the American people. That brings a new responsibility and civic duty that we hope none take lightly.

Each of the men and women elected Tuesday night must put their personal agendas and political rhetoric aside and find a common ground with their fellow legislators or officeholders to address the issues that face our county, our state and our nation.

Continuing to hold on to campaign grudges and closed-minded viewpoints will only hinder progress.

Everyone must work together, finding compromise and cooperation in order for our country to continue to rebound from one of the worst recessions in history.

Our economic woes didn’t happen overnight and they won’t be corrected that way either.

The issues facing our great country will not be fixed by the Democrats. It will not be fixed by the Republicans. Virtually all of the significant problems facing our nation can only be fixed by united Americans.