Immigrants shouldn’t benefit from breaking law

Published 12:00 am Sunday, November 21, 2010

When we were a young country and we accepted all that wanted to come to this country, they wanted to come here for a better life.

They were looking to work, and we had no quantity of people, nor did we turn them away.

They wanted to become citizens the legal way by signing up when they arrived.

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A recent letter writer said we should open our borders to all. Well, that’s what some countries have sent to us.

Cuba lets their prisoners come. Mexico has also let them come.

And, by the way, if you check we haven’t stopped them from coming anyway.

There’s one thing that they come for now that wasn’t available then. It is called “welfare,” which we have been paying for years.

In the next few years that may have to be stopped for most people because the United States cannot keep on paying for people who will not work, nor would work if there were jobs.

This isn’t my idea.

It is just a fact that we will not be able to keep paying out money that we don’t have, regardless of if someone is here illegally or born here.

Just look at our economy and the GNP and you should open your eyes to the fact that America is doomed if something isn’t changed in the very near future.

Open our borders? Yes, to those who come here the lawful way but not those who are here to help destroy our nation.

Homer Campbell